Basics of Redux in ReactJS

Redux can come as a challenge even to a professional developer. The reason is when you learn JavaScript (or ECMAScript to be precise), there’s this concept of state. State comes into the picture because JavaScript apps are SPAs or Single Page Applications and work without a page reload. The state of an application keeps a… Click to Read More →

Cryptojacking — the new fancy buzzword means hijacking websites (and) users browsers to mine cryptocurrency. There’s nothing wrong with mining cryptocurrencies (unless it’s illegal in your country). The problem is with jacking. In order to mine cryptocurrencies, the bad guys hijack a website or user’s browser or machine to get the job done. But what… Click to Read More →

Full Width Landing Sections

The trouble with landing pages is that you need full width landing sections and need to explode out of the given margins and container widths. Here’s a code snippet that makes it easy. Insert these anywhere inside the content and they come to life. All you need to do is have one of the ancestors… Click to Read More →